The Smoked Lab

The Smoked Boys are constantly in the lab perfecting their ‘Que and developing new ideas to better serve their guests. Our 250 gallon offset Smoker, C-Czar, and his big brother Eagle Wing, our 500 gallon offset Smoker are round the clock slow-smoking Pork, Beef, Chicken, Ribs & whatever else the lab comes up with. The Smoked Lab is where all of the daily specials and crowd pleasing favorites are first envisioned & then prepared for our daily service on the Downtown Mall, Tuesday through Friday from 11am until the ‘Que is gone.

Smoked Wings

Our hand selected, meaty wings start with a full 24 hour soak in a bath of Smoked’s own sweetened North Carolina Vinegar sauce to properly marinate before they get their turn in “C-Czar”. Once they’ve reached the desired level of smokiness, they are turned loose for you to enjoy. Served with a dipping sauce of your choice, try our homemade ranch, homemade bleu cheese or your favorite Smoked BBQ sauce. Quickly becoming a C’ville favorite, be sure to get to the cart early to make sure you don’t miss out!!

The Smokehouse Stack aka Potatoes aux Gra-ta-tin

Meat & Potatoes, does it get any better than this you ask? Well, yes, yes it does! When you add a bacon cheddar sauce and some Hawaiian Tropic Thunder sauce this stack becomes the meal of dreams. Make sure to sop up that extra sauce with your cornbread. No sauce left behind!

Brisky Jo’

Brisky Jo’ is our take on that childhood fav, the sloppy joe. Our smoked brisket is pulled and marinated in our homemade “jo'” mix and topped with melted cheddar & crispy onions on a grilled kaiser roll. We suggest adding the slaw for the sweetness that perfectly complements this sandwich that’s far superior to the sloppy joe your lunch lady served!

The Bizness

So you say your hungry? Just ask for The Bizness and this plate will take care of that! Soft, buttery cheddar biscuits are topped with our Smoked Pork, smothered in sausage gravy and for good measure we add Housemade Bacon Crumbles. Enjoy!

“El Cubano”

“El Cubano” has made its way north to C’ville and is nothing short of pressed deliciousness. We start with our pulled pork, add our homemade pickles, grilled Black Forest ham, melted Swiss cheese & Smoked BBQ Co.’s South Carolina Mustard. We press it all inside of freshly baked French loaf ’til it’s golden brown and ready for your plate.

Sliced Pork Tenderloin

Stuffed Burgers

Smoked Ham & Turkey Club

Pork Belly Barn Mi

Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Stuffed Dog

Shaved Roast Beef Sammi

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Sliced Brisket Sammi

Housemade Bacon

Texas Toast BLT

We take our Housemade Bacon, pile it high on Grilled Texas Toast, add succulent Hanover Tomatoes and Crisp Lettuce to finish off this masterpiece of baconful flavor! Keep an eye out for our seasoned mayo combos to spread on this Bacon Lovers favorite!

Housemade Pickles

Even your basic cucumber is subject to the whims of the Smoked lab. Smoked’s pickling brine was specifically designed to maintain crispness inside of “El Cubano” with a bite that compliments the grill pressed ingredients of Tuesdays special. However, as an added bonus Smoked’s pickles can serve as a perfect compliment to the entire menu!

Smoked Meatloaf

Remember your Grammy’s Meatloaf? Same idea, but served on Grilled Garlic-Butter Texas Toast & wrapped in bacon. All the homemade goodness of Grammy’s with that special Smoked twist. Catch this one when you can, the meatloaf only makes special appearances on the cart!

Smoked Philly

This Sammy may have its roots in the city of brotherly love, but the Smoked Boys are determined to make this one a Charlottesville Classic. Our Chili rubbed beef piled high and topped with your choice of grilled onions, peppers and/or mushrooms, finished with a three cheese/bacon sauce. We invite you to skip the travel and come visit the cart, let us know if it was worth the trip!

Smoked Turkey Rueben

This classic sandwich with the Smoked BBQ Co. touch may not put you into a food coma, but its sure to make those taste buds happy. Slow-smoked turkey, sauerkraut, melted baby swiss and housemade thousand island completed on grilled rye. Who are we kidding?? You will find that food coma you’re looking for in this one!!

Smoked Dog

From time to time we like to try to keep it simple, this is not one of those times. From the start, our housemade dog is concocted to compliment the beef chili, cheese, onion & other topping options that we suggest you toss on to finish the perfect dog!!

Half Chicken

Are you really hungry? We hope so, unless you’re looking to skip cooking for dinner. Our Half-Chicken is scientifically proven to serve more than one person. Doubt us? Give it a try, just make sure to ask for extra sauce!!

Smoked Sliders

The term slider implies one to two bites. Our lawyers recommended we change the name as no one should ever try to finish these tiny(ish) delights in less than three bites. Smoked BBQ Co. assumes no responsibility for those who dare to single-bite.

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